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Heading out for dinner with your special someone? We are sure if you're anything like us you will want to be looking your best and feeling as confident as ever. 

We all choose our clothes, make up, hair styles even shoes with the utmost care making sure we feel beautiful but a lot of the time jewellery is something we don't give much thought too. It might be the last thing you put on but it sure can notch up your style game. Your jewellery can also say a lot about your personality so its important to pick the right pieces!l

 Heres Infinity's top tips to nail that date night style whilst making it look effortless...


1: Keep it simple.. Remember sometimes more is less

Just because you're getting all dressed up this doesn't mean you have to over do it on the jewellery front. Keep the exaggerated out there items for parties or girls nights. For date nights the best style is elegant and simple, low key but eye catching for sure. Why not highlight your favourite features with your jewellery? For example an elegant sparkling pair of earrings are sure to emphasise your eyes and keep them glowing. A statement necklace will be sure to add effect to a plunging neckline and so on. 


2: Choose waves and swirls. 

Add a hint of sensuous appeal to your look, a feminine vibe will enhance your natural beauty and innate elegance, especially if you choose a simplistic ensemble.  It is important to keep these looks simple as they can easily tip into looking over dressed. Otherwise this is the perfect romantic choice for a date night.


3: Add colour

While diamond jewellery can be incredibly versatile, you could experiment with precious stones - these will brighten up your look, you can even match the gemstone colours to your outfit just to tie it all together. Red ruby colours are perfect for adding a pop of colour to an otherwise simple outfit, where as pastel and blue hues will be sure to make you have a glow about you bringing brightness to your look. These are no fail options for accessorising your style.


4: Layer up 

Layering will never fail you! Especially with tops and dresses that show off your décolletage. Necklaces with layered lengths and dainty pendants make such a flattering look. A beautiful mix of layers and complementing gem stones will be sure to take your date night to the next level. You should try this out for your next date night!


5: Add a romantic touch

Date night is bound to be the time that romance is most in the air, let your jewellery reflect this by choosing soft and delicate styles to compliment your look. Not only universally flattering but delicate styles really do go with any outfit! Maybe include a pink hue for instance a gem stone, feminine and beautiful the soft glow of the pink will accentuate your over all look and catch his eye at the same time.


Perfect your date night look and cultivate your style with our tips and see how many compliments you're bound to receive! To have ultimate confidence the key is to be yourself and feel beautiful no matter what you wear! Jewellery definitely helps boosts confidence for everyone.


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