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Top tips to style your jewellery

Sometimes its a struggle to figure out how to style your jewellery with your outfit - We have a list of top tips we use to get your jewellery on point. Jewellery is a staple and sometimes statement of your look, so here's how to co-ordinate your jewellery to the fullest:


Your choice of jewellery first and foremost comes down to where you're going, what you're doing.. If you're going to be active or working then charm bracelets and long jewellery, dangling chains etc will probably not be the best for you. What you would choose to wear in the day or to a family event (probably) wouldn't be the same as the jewellery you would select for a night out with friends. All in all just make sure you know where you're going and what jewellery is suitable for this and how your jewellery will portray you to the people around.


In your face loud pieces aren't suitable for every event, these styles as with 'trends' can become tasteless pretty fast. More sustainable pieces in your collection will probably be those of solid and simplistic bracelets, watches, necklaces than showy accessories. Remember also if your outfit has a lot of busy prints it is probably best to keep the jewellery very simplistic yet still stylish. You do not want your jewellery to come of as tacky when co ordinated with an out there outfit.


Your outfit can be own point but if you really want to make your jewellery the star of the show then get yourself some statement earrings, make sure you understand your face shape and what earrings will flatter your face beforehand.


Your accessories don't just have to match your outfits, a top tip is to understand how to highlight your skin tone through your accessories. We all know silver looks better on cooler tones and that Gold goes extremely well with darker tones - with other colours purple, pink and blue suit cooler tones more while more radiant colours such as yellow and orange suit a darker skin tone much more. 


We've all been aware of this one for years, there is a good reason diamonds have proved so popular for so long, they really do go with anything and always look on point. The classic white diamonds just spruces up any look adding in that eye catching luxury but taking nothing away from your outfit as a whole.


Make sure you co ordinate simple and powerful statements like the Infinity Original bracelets or the Infinity onyx with a classic attire not to deter from the jewellery.

Now you have some classic tips you can dust off your accessories and get styling!

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