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The meaning behind 'Infinity'

For anyone that's been living under a rock, the infinity symbol has been an established trend in jewellery circa for years and as a timeless symbol with a beautiful meaning behind it, it shows no signs of slowing down

What does Infinity mean?

The infinity symbol has been around for years and has had many meanings to many people, including endless, ever lasting love to symbolic spiritual love to the Celtics. In Egyptian culture they believed it to be the relation of beginning and endings, one cannot exist without the other. However today while still having many elements of past beliefs still embedded in its roots Infinity is a firm symbolisation of endless, eternal love and unbreakable strength as well as peace and harmony.

Infinity Symbol in Jewellery

Given such a powerful rooted meaning behind the Infinity symbol, jewellery including this really does make a perfect gift but also a timeless piece to your own jewellery collection, entrusted as an eternal keepsake. When gifting Infinity jewellery the meaning combined with the jewellery turns into a story cherished forever. 

Why Infinity?

Who wouldn't want something infinity in their collection? A timeless elegance with  its original meaning really shining through. Representative of something that will last forever - from friendship and love to marriage. As such a widely recognised emblem, we aim to beautifully replicate this through our simplistic and stunning jewellery designs. 

Have a look at a few of our personal favourites in our Infinity Collection...



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