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Layering and stacking

Mastering how to perfectly layer your jewellery can be a tricky task. you want the effortless cool look without it being to over done, I know the struggle is real in finding the balance. 

It is easy to stick on the same jewellery pieces every day and be done with it, we've all been there! We all have our trusted favourite and go too's after all. However it is important to make the most out of your jewellery pieces and style them to your daily looks. Mixing things up and new additions can make all the difference to your whole look!


To not over do things we would say to focus on one or two particular body parts you would like to layer - for example necklace and rings, bracelets and earrings, you want to keep the vibe cool and clean still no body wants a messy over the top look. Here are our top tips to layering and stacking for the ultimate look:


1: Spacing your jewellery appropriately is key when layering and keeping a balanced look. 

2: Each piece of jewellery your layering should always compliment each other so it doesn't end up looking cluttered. 

3: This might come as a surprise but it is always good to mix one bold statement piece with some more delicate, elegant pieces. It is important to have variety.

4: If you are looking to layer necklaces always consider the neck line of your outfit and how this will impact your jewellery - the more simple the neckline the more bold pieces you can wear.

5: Mixing golds and beads for example as well as colours and stones can always look good when done properly, giving an interesting vibe - it doesn't always need to match perfectly!

Remember to have fun with your jewellery! 


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